Renaissance Boys are in regular demand as session musicians for a variety of bands in the north east.


Music & Lyrics: Leo Baccelli, copyright ‘3 Cats Music‘.


Recording and Mixing

In August 2011 Leo and Paul were working down in London mixing some new tracks with engineer Rich Cooper at the British Grove Studios.

British Grove Studios is owned by Mark Knopfler and is located in Chiswick, London.

It has two Studios. Alongside modern technology, the equipment includes two old EMI mixing consoles: a very rare tube desk from the 1960s used by the Beatles, and a larger console, the Neve 88, used by Paul McCartney for ‘Band on the Run’.

In Feb 2009, British Grove Studios won the Music Publishers Guild Award for ‘Best Studio’. Bands such as Travis, Razorlight etc have recorded albums there.

The six new tracks that Renaissance Boys have been working on in Studio 2, include the titles: ‘Fate Have Mercy’, ‘Coming Through’ and a new mix of ‘Sign of the Times’. Renaissance Boys will be revisiting British Grove Studios in the Autumn of 2012 to complete their forthcoming album, which will be released in Spring 2013. In the meantime, some of these new songs will be appearing on iTunes.